Taking the pulse of change

By Sandrine Marrassé

by dpadmin on 1st September 2017

Sometimes the significant shifts in an industry are best seen by looking at the way a particular role has changed over time.  We spoke with Quality and Value coordinator for Nelson Management Ltd (NML)* Joan Lang about the massive changes she has seen in her role over the past 10 years.

Joan Lang performs quality control work on a skid site.


Joan’s work involves the management of 1.2 million m³ of log handling for NML annually.  Her job is very much boots on the ground, as she oversees all of the harvesting crews and spends most days of the week out in the field.

“Basically I am involved with everything from when the tree hits the ground to when the logs get put onto a truck ready to go to our customers.” says Joan

*NML is the management company for Nelson Forests

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