Sue Ross

by dpadmin on 18th January 2016

Sue Ross (third from left) is Supply Chain Manager at Kaituna Sawmill. Sue’s role is to act as an intermediary between production and sales and to ensure that the right product is available to fill orders.

Sue has worked in forestry since 1993 and has a B. Com Ag from Lincoln University. She has had a variety of roles since then including accountancy, silviculture management, forecasting and IT. She finds her current role challenging and satisfying. “Sawmill planning is complex and different constraints apply at different times of the year.”

Sue has been part of the lead team since her appointment at Kaituna, initially as Site Accountant for five years at Kaituna, prior to taking on her current role.

“I’ve been in the industry for such a long time and it has kept me interested and motivated all this time. There are really fantastic people in this industry. It is frustrating that at the school level, forestry is promoted as a track for less academic students, but actually there are a lot of opportunities in this industry for all achievers. I’ve certainly had my fair share of opportunities.

“Our business isn’t about the plant or machinery that we’ve got in place, it’s about the people that make it all happen. They’re the ones that make the difference.”

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