Raylene Walls

by dpadmin on 18th January 2016

IT Manager Raylene Walls is responsible for NML’s IT infrastructure. She plans and implements the computer, cellphone and phone systems, internet connections and data connections between NML’s sites, including Kaituna Sawmill.

It’s a lot to fit into a 30-hour week but Raylene values being able to work part-time and still have time for family life. “It’s about balancing what’s more urgent because in everyone’s eyes their issue is urgent. But it’s not a challenging place to work because if you can show that the company will benefit from spending money they will spend it.”

Prior to coming to NML Raylene worked for CCL and Gen-i with NML as a client. “So I’ve been doing the IT here (at NML) for about 12 years.” Since joining the NML staff Raylene has been struck by the complexity of the forestry and wood processing industry.

“It’s an enormous amount of data that moves through with each tree, from when it’s planted to when it is loaded on a ship or delivered to a customer, to make sure that they’re getting the best out of every log.”

Raylene has also been impressed by the way that the company treats its staff. “There are not that many places like that around any more.”

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