Cilla Ivory

by dpadmin on 18th January 2016

Cilla Ivory (far left) is the Health and Safety Facilitator at Kaituna Sawmill, a recently-created role, although she has worked at Kaituna in HR/Payroll (including work involving health and safety and the environment) since 2010. Up until May 2015, Nelson-based Health and Safety Manager Les Bak had managed Health and Safety for the mill and all other NML activities. Cilla’s role was established to help the company improve its health and safety performance and to prepare for the new compliance requirements that come as a result of recent Health and Safety legislation.

“With the new legislation coming in we’re looking at getting all aspects perfect,” says Cilla. “We do things well but there’s always room for improvement.”

Cilla hails from Blenheim but had been away from her hometown for 30 years, including a stint in workforce planning for Queensland Health based in Townsville. Cilla is currently doing post-graduate study in occupational health and safety through Massey University.

Listening is a key part of her role and she enjoys being out in the yard with the sawmill staff working with them to solve problems and make improvements.

“I enjoy being out there mixing with the guys. I rely on them and what they say. My role is to make sure everyone is participating and contributing towards health and safety.  They’re the ones working out there who know how everything works best. I also make sure that investigations are thorough and actions are followed up.”

With such a crucial role within the sawmill operation it’s important that Cilla has good working relationships with the entire sawmill team. “If you respect them, they’ll respect you.”

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