Culture is the key to working safely in the forest

by dpadmin on 19th June 2014

Safety in our forests is a pressing issue, particularly given the tragic loss of life that has occurred during the past year. Nelson Forests Ltd’s Managing Director, Lees Seymour, believes that creating a culture where people are safe is about treating staff like they are your family. “It’s not about blaming – it’s easy to blame people.” Many factors contribute to any incident, he says. These include the business culture and practices, management systems, training and education.

Nelson Forests’ Health and Safety Manager, Les Bak, agrees and says that it’s important that safety doesn’t become overcomplicated with systems and procedures. “Leaders need to focus on culture,” says Les. “The key to a good safety culture is simple: lead from the top, care about your people, never compromise, and avoid surprises.”

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