Road Closures

ALL MARLBOROUGH FORESTS:  access is CLOSED due to to high fire danger.

MT DUPPA & HORI BAY ROAD – RAI FOREST: Easement access is CLOSED due to to high fire danger.

INWOODS Easement ROAD:  access is CLOSED due to to high fire danger.

OLIVERS ROAD – GOLDEN DOWNS:  Access to Coronation Forest closed due to active Forestry operations.  No public access until further notice.

between ELVY’S RD and BIG BUSH ROAD – GOLDEN DOWNS:  Public access between these roads is closed due to active Harvesting & Engineering operations.  No public access for the period : 12 Dec 2019 – 30 Apr 2020

Information on other public easement roads through Nelson Forests Ltd land to the Conservation Estate is available on the Department of Conservation website  

Public Hunting

Hunting season is closed until further notice (April 2020).


You will need a permit for any access to the forest. You can apply for a permit HERE

Please send this application along with the payment to the following address:

BG Security Ltd

PO Box 2243, Stoke


Ph 03 543 8746


For those Nelson Management Employees, Contractors and members of the Public with current access permits please remember to take care in the forest and always abide by your permit conditions.

What you can do in the forest 

For many individuals and groups the forest provides a perfect place for their recreational activities.  Most of the activities take place in the forest during the winter months, April to September and an access permit is required.

Here’s just some of the activity  in the forests


– Motorsport – rally, off road and hill climb events

– Tramping and walking

– Hunting

– Horse riding

– Motorbike challenges

– Possum trapping

– Fishing

– Army exercises

– Mountain biking