NML’s external resources team actively purchase logs from third party suppliers for both domestic and export markets.

Purchased logs are marketed and sold alongside logs harvested from the NFL estate.

NML has more than 15 years experience purchasing logs and woodlots and has a large number of clients ranging from other forestry companies and forest consultants to farm foresters and small forest owners.

Logs are sold direct to both domestic and export markets. For the export log programme NML manages a shipping programme to supply customers in both Korea and China. The focus is long-term relationships with all suppliers and customers to add certainty, stability and value for all in the distribution chain.

As the largest forest manager and log marketing organisation in the Nelson/Marlborough region, NML offers value to clients through competitive prices and a wide product range. The NML management systems track logs from forest to market to allow for efficient and transparent reporting and early monthly payment.

If you are looking to harvest, have logs to sell, need advice, or want a free forest appraisal, please contact our experienced staff.

For more information:

Ph: +64 027 223 0813

Fax: +64 3 5445789

Email: woodlots@nelsonforests.com