NML staff and contractors have developed leading innovations to improve safety in our harvesting and sawmilling operations. We also closely monitor innovation in the wider forestry sector so that we can implement good ideas and practises and utilise technology as it is developed.

Here are a few examples from NML and the forestry industry:

The Falcon Forestry Claw

Moutere Logging has developed the Falcon Forestry Claw. This innovative tool for has improved health and safety in its hauler operations.

The Falcon Forestry Claw (FFC) is a motorised grapple carriage. The FFC was developed with the goal of eliminating breaking out incidents within Moutere Logging operations by removing men off the hillside.

In 2003, Moutere Logging incidents were separated into three categories; tree falling, breaking out and incidents on landings. As mechanical processors were introduced into Moutere Logging’s operations, the number of incidents occurring on landings diminished significantly. This presented the question,“can we eliminate breaking out incidents through mechanisation?”

After experimenting with a number of motorised grapple carriages, Moutere Logging decided in September 2011 to design and build its own motorised grapple carriage. The first prototype was on the ropes by October the same year. Today the FFC operates successfully in all Moutere Logging hauler crews.


To read a recent story about the Falcon Forestry Claw click Falcon Forestry Claw.

Moutere Logging's Falcon Claw

Moutere Logging’s Falcon Forestry Claw









Mechanisation research

The forestry industry works closely with Crown Research Institutes and universities to develop new ways to safely and productively grow, maintain and harvest its forest estates. For an example of some leading edge thinking click on Mechanisation research at University of Canterbury.

UAV/Drone Technology

Nelson Management Ltd and GFP are currently doing research into drone technology.  The attached is a recent trial at our Brightwater forest.

Innovation in Nelson

Check out the arts and media building at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) where engineers employed a ground breaking use of wood as a structural building material in multi-story construction.

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC), one of the tallest contemporary wood buildings in North America.