Our contractors and suppliers agree that health and safety is our overriding focus. Together we have developed a vision for safety in the workplace.

Our shared vision:

– We are united in our commitment to leading the industry in an injury-free, safe and enjoyable work environment

– We have a culture based on honesty where everyone looks out for themselves and for others

– This culture is achieved through shared leadership, training, teamwork and a positive attitude

– We finish each day and complete our career injury free

We have a simple philosophy and goal with respect to safety in our business – everyone should be able to come to work and go home each day without suffering an injury.

 How do we work to achieve this?

– By genuinely caring about the wellbeing of everyone within the business. This is the foundation of everything we do.

– By believing that this goal is achievable and being passionate about moving towards it.

– By understanding that it will take time, and that we will never give up.

– By engaging everyone in the business so that we are all responsible and accountable for our own safety and our colleagues’ safety.

– By creating an open and honest culture where we share our mistakes so we can learn from them.

– By upskilling ourselves in the theoretical and practical application of safety leadership.

– By managing safety in a strategic, tactical and operational manner.

– By measuring our performance so we can see where we are making progress and where we aren’t.

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